Like Father – Like Son

This January I had discovered the description of the film “Like Father – Like Son” among the listings of the cinema schedule. The title reminded me that something was up with this film, actually I didn’t remember what until I read the description. A few moments later I was all for it and sure that I’d be going to watch that Japanese drama.

Kind of being on edge, I wanted to watch it rather sooner than later and decided to go there the same day.

I’d really recommend that film to anyone who likes movies that are not only based on action but that also deal with the background. So I started to think about the thematic of what truly would be the right way to choose, if I was in the same position as the main family the film starts with. Wonderful and heart touching. The movie played with the emotions of the viewer, so I was immersed in the scenes, too.

Try to imagine a family that suddenly found out that the son they raised for 6 years wasn’t their own son. Interchanged as babies, they grew up in another family and became part of a family without having the same blood in their veins like them.

Would you exchange your child, the one you raised and learned to love? Wouldn’t you meet your own child? Could you say which one would really be your child and which one would be like you? What if you couldn’t love your child until now and felt that there was something wrong but you couldn’t say what? What would be the best choice? What would be the best for the children?

The longer you watch that film, you come to understand more about what they felt and you gain insight into how you would feel, and what about family bonds are real.

Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, a Japanese film director, producer, screenwriter and editor.

He was described by Thoughtcatalog as “one of the best contemporary Asian directors working today.”

In the following article, you’ll find his filmography:

1991 Lessons from a Calf
1991 However Doc
1992 I just wanted to be Japanese
1993 Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Edward Yang
1994 August Without Him
1995 Maboroshi no hikari
1996 Without Memory
1998 After Life
2001 Distance
2004 Nobody Knows (Dare mo shiranai)
2007 Hana
2009 Still Walking
2010 Air Doll
2011 I Wish
2013 Like Father, Like Son


On the following site you can find some of the films made by Hirokazu Kore-Eda:

And here you’ll see which awards this film has won:

Prix du Jury Cannes 2013

Prix du Jury from San Sebastian 2013

Prix du Jury at the Vancouver Film Festival

Prix du Jury at the Sao Paulo Film Festival

Child Protection Award for Best Script at the Abu Dhabi Festival

>And so I hope that film will gain more recognition and that it’ll become a popular success. ^__^-

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