JapAniManga Night 2014

Last weekend, the 14th JapAniManga night took place in Winterthur. Since then it’s the main topic to speak about. They’re uploading pictures and clips, while commenting on and editing others, respectively. Some are even planning gigs and costumes for the next year! This years programme caused high tensions, even before it started. The multisided programme of the JapAniManga Night presented itself many show acts and workshops, both of which have corresponded with the main focus, Japan, from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. Anime enthusiastic could enjoy a wide variety of gaming possibilities, which could be found in the gaming lounge or dungeon. Karaoke, contest, and many cosplayers made these two days, and the night between, them unique. The topic of how it all started and evolved was left open now. It became the biggest convention in the German speaking part of Switzerland by breaking its own limits and disputing challenges.

Here you’ll find the official website of the JapAniMangaNight

Even when it started with just sixteen friends, who made a movie night in Nänikon. Later, this up-and-coming event took place in the old casern, where it stayed for a few years until it was relocated to the Mehrzweckhalle Teuchelweier. In its halls, the people were welcomed again with a versatile programme.

Here’s a little overview through this years programme, grouped by category:


For the first time outside of Japan, they raised the temperature of the audience with their J-Pop &- Rock tunes, then after the concert with an autograph-signing. Then later on Sunday it was question time, where you could clear up all your last open questions.

At first they played the japanese drums, then you could try it out yourself.

With calm and chantlike sounds they enchanted our Sunday morning.

Mario on Tour:
Thanks to the this years sponsorship from the Nintendo Group, you could also take pictures with Mario, matching with many games, the Nintendo Catwalk and some contests.


By foot through Japan:
A retrospective from his walking journey, Thomas Köhler talked about his impressions from the north of Japan to the South Cape, all 2900 kilometers alone by foot.

Ready for Japan & promenade:
Ronya Sakata answered the most important questions and rules to follow when someone’s planning their first trip to Japan. So she preseted her project Japan promenade to us, too.

Several courses from Beginner classes up to advanced learners and a friendly chat to speak freely about it.

Calligraphy: Why not be interested in these fantastic paintings and get your own unique written name?

Origami: Ai Shiraishi helped to make different forms and created some little wonders.

Ikebana: Setsuko Spühler made a spray and gave his advice for your own flower arrangements.

Sake: Ueno Gourmet guided us into the world of Sake, including a tasting.

Omurice cooking course: Here you learned to cook the great tasting, yet easy to make meal.

Cosplay-Step-by-Step: Advises all around Cosplaying from the well- known Cosplayer Ryomo.

Miku Miku Dance: Did you already know how to make your own Music Video with Miku? Evul showed to us many functions of Miku Miku Dance.

Otaku- Date: Couples, which found together or even new acquaintanceships and future friends.

Gamepad vs. Arcade-Stick: With tips and tricks it became an entertaining and interactive workshop.

Trading Card Games: From free playing to competitions, Card Game players got their’s money’s worth.

Anime & Movies:

presented to us Psycho Pass, Btooom!, Paranoia Agent, Blue Exorcist, Waiting in the Summer and Magi The Labyrinth of Magic.

presented to us with the following series like Black Rock Shooter, Deadmen Wonderland, RIN – Daughters of Mnemosyne, Blood Lad und Queens Blade.

Peppermint Anime;
was on board too with highlights like Kill la Kill, Guilty Crown, Samurai Flamenco and Silver Spoon.

Particularly there were Sparklers like Garden of Words, the Appleseed OVA, the Movie from Blue Exorcist, Detektiv Conan: The eleventh Striker, I’m Flash or the original japanese Ring movie.

Then there was an AMV history presentation, that gave some insights into the history of making Anime Music Videos frm the beginning up to now and the AMV Night, which presented many, many great AMVs over four hours.


In the Game Dungeon and the Lounge there were plenty of games available to play and often you could discover some new games. In addition there was a varied selection of Contests which included, amongst others, the Mario Kart Contest, the Super Special Team Contest, the Beat ‘em Up Contest, the Night Contest, the Pokémon Contest and the final Game Contest.

There was also a great atmosphere inside of the Karaoke room, if you wanted to be the next Karaoke star or just sing with friends or probably to challenge the Night Contest. Cosplayer could join in the Catwalks or take up the challenge against other Cosplayers in the Cosplay Contests, in which they had to convince the people. But there was just more to explore like the AMV-, the Synchro- and the Painters- Contest, Where you had to send in your dues to enter. So they were waiting for their presentation and the rating.

Of course there were the following things found there too at the 14th JapAniManga Night: For the first time the Hunters Game, guarded power points, delicious japanese food, a tombola, the Bring and Buy Market and the much-loved merchants hall. You could probably capture some memories with the help of the photowall.

And now dear friends feel free to look forward to the upcoming articles, in which I’m going to go into more detail about some of the programme points, so don’t miss the next articles. See you soon! (✿◠‿◠)))…

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  1. Sunday June 1st, 2014 at 09:11 PM

    Super Überblick! Leider konnte ich dieses Jahr nur am MMD-Workshop teilnehmen. Fand diesen aber echt gut gemacht. (^_^) Die Band, Polta, fand ich das absolute Highlight! Freu mich auf die weiteren Beiträge. (Dass ich den AMV Vortrag verpasst habe nervt mich immer noch… ;(^_^) …)

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