Halbwertszeit – Filmfestival 2015

© Halbwertszeit Filmfestival 2015
© Halbwertszeit Filmfestival 2015

This year will be held again the Halbwertszeit (=Radioactive Half-life) film festival to remember and not to forget what happened during the disaster of Fukushima and after that.

This years festival will especially focus on woman looking and reflecting on Fukushima. So are the most films, which will be shown from young female producers. Different Stories from different people will help to reflect what happened and what is still not secluded.

On the following chart you will see the start of the first shown films on both days.

© Rote Fabrik - Zürich
© Rote Fabrik – Zürich

On Wednesday Suh Kyungsik will hold a presentation, which will be held on Japanese with german translation and also will be shown the film Reflecting on Fukushima from the director Hideya Kamakura. Suh Kyungsik went along with him to Fukushima and will be able to reflect on what happened.

On Thursday will be shown two different films like the one from Yumiko Hayakawa with the title A Woman from Fukushima.
There are trailer for these so I hope you will be interested in it.

And My Atomic Aunt from Kyoko Miyake.

And after that there will still be an open discussion about the situation in Japan now. How do the people deal with all this? How did the economy react and probably what could be the next steps.

I’m sure it will be worth to be visited and even if you can’t afford much you will learn and see a lot. And did I mention that there will be free entry? But with the possibility to give an offering.

I introduced now only the part of the Halbwertszeit film festival which will be held in Zurich. To find out more about it, like which supporting films will be shown and more details, please visit the website of the Rote Fabrik.

Here you will see the Wednesday programme…

And here the programme for Thursday…

On the following monday there is also the possibility to watch the film My Atomic Aunt in Bern. With a discussion part after that again.

Just look through this chart here from the 16th of March…

And who knows maybe we will meet each other there. Thank you very much for your interest.

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