Arrival in Japan & Fukuoka

After an explosive substance investigation at the airport and the departure from Switzerland to Frankfurt started I to realise more and more that I’m actually going to Japan.

Further excited about every little detail everything seemed to me so beautiful. The Alps, the cabin crew and the airplane(s) as well.

2015-10-01 13.37.10

It has been the first time to me being in such an huge plane, was the first time to fly over night and not to forget the first trip which would bring me at the other end of the world.


I saw the night sky clearer then anywhen before and while the stars were glimmering in the dark under these very stars cities sparkled as bright as they wanted to line up with the luminary. Thanks to that I wasn’t aware of my weariness due to the lack of sleep.


Another thing I appreciated was the food served on the longterm flight, I hadn’t expected such a variety like the other snacks and for example some Onigiri. Plenty of good edible food round the clock.


As someone mentioned, this time I should take some pictures of myself as well., so I did. And so I hope you might like it, maybe you’ll get another one another time. 😉


Next stop: Nagoya Chubu Airport. Somehow went these hours pretty fast, probably because of my excitement.


If you’re going to Japan for the first time one of the first steps after your arrival might be the immigration part, I got some printed forms to fill out on my flight before so I was able to get fast to it. A long queue, two fingerprints and a photography later I was finally officially in Japan.


So welcomed me this beautiful dragon at the Chubu Airport, just to see me off not much later.
Might be because I hadn’t enough flights for these 24 hours…


While immigration and these things were done, I had an probably unspectacular arrival in Fukuoka, not mentionable tiny turbulences during the flight. So I went to the Post Office to get the package which was already waiting for me. Package? You might ask yourself why I should get an package in Japan on my very first day. Might be a good question, but all alone in another country, not really able to speak the language it seemed to be a good idea to get some help from my little friend the pocket wifi router.


Not much later I had already checked in at the accommodation and went out to discover my first setted targets. But on the way I encountered some temples.


And some shrines as well. Until I got to the ground of the castle ruins of Fukuoka.


Some steps later, the scenery started to change and I could see fastly how this castle might have been stood there.DSC_7182

The reward waited already on the top with a great view on the city of Fukuoka.


But also the Maizuru Park is worth it’s visit, and at least when I was there mostly empty of people. So it might be great to relax and picnic there for sure, too.


You can also stroll around the town, probably you’ll find some typical anime scenery.


Or temples and shrines, believe me I didn’t really search for them (one temple excluded), but I encountered them all the time today.


But they were truly beautiful, sad that I wasn’t able to go inside of the one I wanted to visit the most.
(There was a sign on which was written that no one is permitted to enter.. Sad me.)


Always open, no closing days as if. Japan guide you helpful guide you lied to me. I couldn’t say I was really able to complain, there were so many other beautiful places around there. Was still great to get there.


To walk around the town steadily.


And to grab some food. Last thing I had eaten then were the meals on the flights and somehow I got attracted to this restaurant.


Ever tried Okonomiyaki? I never did in Japan, but this one was surprisingly good.
(Not that I had expected that it won’t be good…)


Good or not good, this helper comes in handy in Fukuoka for sure. If you’re going to stay in Japan and plan to do so with the Japan Rail Pass, it won’t help you that much to get the town known, so don’t activate it too early.


But being good on your feet will be great as well, otherwise you won’t be able to see some great things.


Like the well known Fukuoka Food Stalls. Hadn’t I just eaten I would have tried that Ramen Barbecue.


And don’t get lost in the big shopping centers. You’ll find lots of stuff.


Even shops with anime merchandising,


And Gashapon mashines, in series.


And some tricky machines as well. Don’t fall for the trap you might not get it even if there are just a few centimeters left to get the toy. But honestly I saw today how a schoolgirl got with these a well quality anime figure (from Love Live School idol project).


Last but not least my futon for the next two nights. And the view from my accommodation here in Fukuoka.


Good night everyone, I’ll take my leave now.

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  3 comments for “Arrival in Japan & Fukuoka

  1. Yas Miura
    Thursday October 8th, 2015 at 03:54 AM

    Ich sah von Ihrem Foto Bilder von Fukuoka, Takachiho? (Kyushu) und Hiroshima-Miyajima (Chugoku).
    Wenn Sie Zeit, um mehr in der Nähe von Fukuoka Lage am Flughafen zu bleiben, können Sie sehen, Kumamoto Historische Kyushu) und Yamaguchi (historische Japan). Genießen Sie bitte Japan (Westteil so weit).

    I saw from your photo images from Fukuoka, Takachiho? (Kyushu) and Hiroshima-Miyajima (Chugoku).
    If you have time to stay more near Fukuoka airport location, you can see Kumamoto Historical Kyushu), and Yamaguchi (historical Japan). Please enjoy Japan (Western part so far).

    • Friday October 9th, 2015 at 05:16 AM

      I enjoyed my time at Kyushu a lot. Unfortunately I won’t be able to stay this time longer here. Though I am happy to recieve your recommendation for my next trip to Kyushu. I will come back for sure there are so many beautiful places around. Thank you very much.

      • Friday October 9th, 2015 at 05:53 AM

        Thank you for your reply on your visiting in Japan on this October.
        You have a time to make next visiting our country.
        Now Japan shows one of beautiful color change autumn though long island’s. You feel it next time. See you.
        Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort auf Ihrem Besuch in Japan in diesem Oktober.
        Sie haben die Zeit bis zum nächsten Besuch in unserem Land zu machen.
        Nun Japan zeigt eine der schönen Farbwechsel im Herbst zwar lange Insel. Sie glauben, es beim nächsten Mal. Wir sehen uns.

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