On my way to Oita and Takachiho

And so started my second day in Japan with some bread from a French and Japanese bakery, unlike I had thought I was able to get some filled bread typically for Hokkaido and another sweet bread. Both were really delicious and somehow I think I will fancy these Japanese Green tea bottles, even if they slightly bitter their taste is great.


While being for a while on the way with the train I had some time to see a lot from the country side.


There were smaller and bigger cities,


some funny scenes and  lots of industry.


Let’s say I was able to see lots of changing scenery.


Some time later I arrived at the Oita Station to make a short stop-over where an alian mascot was waiting for me an other visitor’s, too.


I encountered a local event or probably market, which were really funny.


Even if not many people were there it was quite lively.


While walking around the market stands I could talk to the people, too. Everyone was so nice and friendly.


They even asked me to take pictures of their stuff, in Switzerland it is not that common I think to being welcomed so friendly to this. Often they don’t want to be seen on the pictures so it surprised me very much.


Around midday I got some lunch from the market on the left site some sesam balls filled with anko (red bean paste) and on the right site and Sumibi Yakitori (I believe) on the right site. If you wanted to taste once chicken which tastes REALLY different try these. I wouldn’t have believe that was chicken if the seller said it is. (I would have believed that it was some deep sea monster or fish or so. Worth to make this experience for sure!


Meanwhile I encountered some wifi connection problems, probably because I was on the countryside of Japan, but I didn’t worry about it that much back then.


So on my way to Takachiho I saw more and more nature all around me.


Couldn’t help to add this, I saw so many cemeteries on the way, but somehow I think they are outstandingly beautiful.


Here see more pictures, you guys asked for these. 🙂


The bus  ride was also very exciting, everything looked so great, I really recommend to go to Miyasazi Prefecture if you want see outstanding nature.


I arrived later at Takachiho well known for very important Japanese history. Did you ever hear about the story when the sun goddes hid in a cave because of being tricked by her brother?


I visited the Amano Iwato shrine,





which shall lead to the cave from the story. Please enjoy the pictures, my breath was taken away for sure from these sights.


I truly guess it might be one of the most beautiful places in the world for me, or at least as I have seen until now.


And somehow went the time by before I had known walking along and along this path.


Until I finally arrived at the cave and headed back after some time later.


Another thing I really appreciate is that Japanese seem to be very attentive, even in such detailed places which could be overlooked so easily.


Now let’s continue with the Takachiho Gorge







And the Takachiho Shrine



I was lucky because not so many people were around and I was showed around by a really nice local person.


I didn’t miss lesser details, like the power stone. I couldn’t believe it but somehow I was able to feel the heat by holding my hand above it.


Another thing I will see the next time is their Kagura dance, but it wasn’t possible to arrive that early, because quite a time is needed to get to Takachiho. (When you are in Fukuoka for sure.)


When I had seen all these things I prepared to go back, ready to get on the bus, but suddenly I was hindered to enter because of the local who showed me around. It seemed to be the wrong bus, but it wasn’t. And unfortunately it was the last bus back to Nabeoka were I had transferred before and I had wanted to go to transfer again to take the train to Fukuoka.


So I had to take another bus which would go directly back to Fukuoka, but would take away more time, for several hours. And I had to purchase a very expensive ticket, otherwise I would be stucked there, unable to go back until the morning. (So I won’t have that much money to spend the next days for sure…) At least I got back somehow, without an internet connection, several hours later as planned and after getting lost in the city of Fukuoka.

So I had experienced how it might be without using any search devices and mostly unable to speak the language all people around you speak.

Please excuse this late and way shorter post, I had to get some sleep first after arriving at my accommodation after this exciting and exhausting day. But at least I can say, that I really want to come back to this place again.

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