Amusement and Nightlife of Hiroshima

Let’s talk about Gaming Centers or like Japanese people would say Amusement centers.


You can possibly find whatever you like in these. If anime merchandising, sweets, ramen or your own takoyaki machine. I mean who wouldn’t NOT want his own takoyaki machine.


And if you have asked yourself before how Japanese shops close, then here’s your answer. As if someone could step behind these cute characters who are protecting the valuable goods. Very adorable.


Endless Gachapon machines again, I can totally understand why they love them so much. Exciting, something to purchase and you have to get ’em all.


The coolest gaming machines might be in Japan as well, next time I’ll try these, even if I’m not such a shooting game player.


Meanwhile on my way to Hiroshima. (Yes, I totally like to show you what I eat here.) These Ekiben Boxes are great, you can buy them at most train stations and there are some station only specials as well.


After my check in at the new place near Hiroshima, I went there to discover some shopping centers and local stores.

2015-10-04 18.06.33

I even found a pokemon store thanks to a friendly tourist guide who recommended it to me. Can you see all these special Halloween Items? At least in my country you could dream of buying seasonal merchandise.

2015-10-04 18.18.15

I visited some shops, some were slightly more outstanding than others.

2015-10-04 18.46.39

And I got a strawberry crepe with ice cream like I have seen it before in so many films.

2015-10-04 18.50.35

And honestly it was delicious, very delicious.

2015-10-04 18.53.59

Another thing you might see all over Japan are vending machines, you can get almost everything from them. And like you can see even ice cream is possible.

2015-10-04 19.10.51

But somehow I had still to eat something which would get me some nutricions, so I decided to go to this Japanese restaurant, I’m not sure but I think it was an Izakaya. And what I was being told later the best and probably only place to eat grilled Hiroshima Oyster.¬†Sure I tried them, meanwhile I was able to talk a lot with others. Outstanding was that I met Kazuhisa-san who is a sales manager for the Sapporo (Beer) Company. We were able to talk a lot about Switzerland, Japan and about the tourism branch as well.

2015-10-04 19.15.20

“Payment is cash only – Card is use less” I really love these translations, they are lovely.

2015-10-04 19.25.05

And the Food was great as well for example a mixed sashimi plate, catched nearby in the sea.

2015-10-04 19.29.25

But sometimes everyone has to head back home, but first have a look at Hiroshimas nightlife.

2015-10-04 21.37.34

Big advertisements which light up the streets

2015-10-04 21.37.29

Amusement centers, they are everywhere.

2015-10-04 21.38.14

And I even got a glimpse of a fortune teller, was something to talk to them.

2015-10-04 21.36.48

Last but not least, I admire Japanese people for being so strict, I don’t think I could imagine somewhere else people stay in line while waiting for the train this late.

2015-10-04 22.17.59

So I hope you aren’t on your way back home that late and I wish you some good sleep as well.

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