Hiroshima Peace Park & Museum

The next day was quite something else, I planned this stop at the Hiroshima Peace Park fix into my travelling, but it might be that I wasn’t early enough on the first day when I arrived in Hiroshima, so I decided to stay some more hours there then planned before. I don’t regret anything.DSC_7531

The A-Bomb Tower was something I wanted to see for myself for a long time as well, below you can see the Peace Bell of the Hiroshima Peace Park. You can feel free to ring it but be careful it is an old one and for sure it might be great if the next generation can look at it, too.


Give back my father, give back my mother
Give grandpa back, grandma back;
Give my sons and daughters back.

Give me back myself.
Give back the human race.
As long as this life lasts, this life.
Give back peace
That will never end.

Give Back the Human – Written by Sankichi Toge – Translated by Miyao Ohara

I really wanted to share this one with you, to agree with that such a thing like the bombing of Hiroshima (and Nagasaki) never should happen again.


I also visited the monument which is dedicated to the Swiss Dr. Marcel Junod, who has done a lot for the people of Hiroshima after the bombing. I went not long ago to a film matinee in Zürich which showed the animation Dr. Junod that also has been dedicated to him.


After that I visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (which were already closed when I got to Hiroshima).


To see original images from back then was a depressing thing, but I wouldn’t want to unsee it.


And some parts were totally creepy as well!


This chart was something especially interesting from my eyes seen. It is also a chart about the damage which the people got from the incident.


To bring myself back to a better mood I decided to visit the Castle grounds of Hiroshima after that.


And the Castle Tower as well:


There was an educating exhibition inside.


And lots of weaponry and japanese historical military and Samurai stuff.


Until I got to the top which held a great sight, you must have seen your enemies back then from a long distance.


As soon as I got back down, I encountered several school classes, which stood in a row, to get inside. Had I been just a bit later I would have waited for a long time. Lucky me!


Soon after that I grabbed my things again to travel to my next journey stop, but at least I got to eat the well known Hiroshima Okonomiyaki and this time also paired with strawberry milk. There were little pieces of strawberry in it, too! So tasty!


Soon I would arrive in Nagasaki and search for my accommodation.


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