Nagasaki Kunchi Festival

To be at the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival was awesome I got to see a Japanese Festival which was exactly like I had imagined it. I were also lucky to get one of these scarfs which were thrown into the the crowd.

2015-10-07 09.54.37

There were lots of traditional dances with geisha and even a play at the beginning.


Ceremonially Dragons


and so much more.


They even told stories from ancient Japan and run around with such heavy vehicles like this by man carried ship.


And again everyone was smiling and friendly.


Did you try Takoyaki? These are made with octopus and one of my favorite dishes in the world. Maybe the only one I would hype for.


Trying to find a calmer place (and one which I wouldn’t be exposed to the sun more) I got to the Shofukuji Temple but also to the smaller Tenmangu Shrine which were also worth to attend.


In the same area was a nice Japanese garden, on of the few that are not based on a religious place.


Next to it was this nice tea house, which was really cheap to enter. They held also a smaller exhibition at it.


Soon would start the festival parade so I got back to the Suwa Shrine where we were before to see all the dancing.


I salute them for being that strong, I’m not that strong to carry such heavy loads.


Even if they were part of the parade itself, it might have been really interesting for them, too. For sure they were hilarious on their own.


Also a lot of children have taken part in festival activities, dancing but also into the parade. Aren’t they cute?


Others were very impressive as well.


After the parade I got to the place with plenty of market stands and plenty of people. (There were before a lot people for sure, too. But as farther I was away from the Suwa Shrine the more it seems that the people had increased.)

DSC_7851 (1)

With food I have never seen before and a tasty smell in the air.

DSC_7851 (2)

You were able to play but also just to purchase what you wanted.

DSC_7851 (3)

With a variety like this one with all these different type of masks. How many of them can you name? I wonder. =)

DSC_7851 (4)

Soon after I decided to go back to my next residence and I also have quite some luck here, because I get to stay in a Japanese room again. Sleep well, like I will for sure. (Or shall I rather say good morning? Who knows.)


But first feel free to comment and like as much as you might like. 😉

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