Shimabara – Castle & Historical Sights

The next day shouldn’t hold such sunny weather, but I was glad about it because I got myself a little sunburn on the day before. So the clouds protected me from more sun while I went to Shimabara, a town which is well known as the city of water.


At first I got to the castle which had also nice castle grounds around it.


Nice to see were the funny castle cosplayer which welcome you at the castle.


You want to see the castle as well? Ok, here have a look. Inside you could learn a lot about difficult topics like times when the town was destroyed or about when cristianity wasn’t wanted as religious in this area. (Not to mention that some bad things happened back then.)


Another sight which is the town well known for is the old samurai district, where you can see how the people had lived back then. Inside and outside.


I even got myself some friends there, but somehow they weren’t the talkative type of people.


If you wondered why this town is called the city of water, I give you here the answer. Beneath having flowing water through the whole town, there are some especially nice places as well.


Not to forget that there are some quite popular natural hotspring places all around provided by hot water from the volcano.


All the carps swimming through Shimabara gave a nice atmosphere to stay longer, too. What a relaxing place Shimabara is!


Here you can see the Statue of Buddha entering Nirvana, placed in another shrine.


Did I mention relaxing? This was it for sure. I had seen this kind of footbath before, but for the first time I got the chance to get hold mine in, too. These Ladies were way more talkative then the friends I met before on that day. But somehow it feels strange if someone changes while talking to them in different languages. I did expect English and Japanese for sure, but that I will speak some French there was unexpected.


On my way back to Nagasaki I met some girls from  a nearby highschool. Was nice to talk to them. And like most people could imagine, they are a real cute bunch of girls. I got to share some Swiss Chocolate with them and they liked it a lot! Honoka-chan (the girl in the middle back) had learnt her English really well and seemed happy to use it, too. (Not to mention that the other girls helped out a little, too.) And so am I a bit sad about that the photo happened to be so blurry, but they tryed their best.


While it should be my last evening staying in Nagasaki, I also wanted to see the popular nightview of Nagasaki.


Whole Nagasaki seemed to sparkle and thanks to the festival it did a little bit more than usual.


I know, I know eating sweets before bedtime is a bad thing! But I just had to try the Castella cake, it was recommended to me from many locals, so I just had to do it. and i got at least some fruit juice, to get some vitamines. (Because fruits are really expensive in Japan.)


Soon I’ll arrive in Kyoto, stay tuned for more entries. =)

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