My Kyoto visit

Another day passed and finally I was able to get to Kyoto, I wanted to see so many things but I decided because of lack of time to visit the most important for me. Like the Fushimi Inari Shrine.


I like the foxes a lot where are there to bring the messages from the god and to protect the people.


I was glad that I came quite early to the shrine, but even if it was really early there were so many people.


I got to see the famous Torii, which are lined up to make a gate to go through.


Though I was almost able to get a good picture with no one in it. Almost.


Next visit should be the Kiyomizudera Tempel which let’s see you over Kyoto.


I enjoyed to be there, and many other people did, too.


And it was so cute to watch the children how they rgive their respect to the elders.


Most people might know this temple building, but there are some renovations encurring right now so it might look more beautiful again in the future.


You got the chance to sit in calmer places and if you wanted to, you were able to drink some fresh green tea leaf tea.


I loved to walk through all the shops, I got already happy from looking at all this beautiful stuff.


And even the sweet looked so nice and adorable. I totally wanted to try them.


So I got myself instead a mixed ice cream, one flavor with strawberry and the other was green tea. Incredible good!


Soon later I should follow the path to the next sight and again I got to see how many people tend to visit Kyoto.


I was also thinking that the Japanese Tourism Organisation had done their job well to attract that many visitors.


And only a few minutes later I should get to see the Golden Pavillon Kinkaku-Ji which is famous around the world.


Like so many things I got to see in Japan I guess this might be for good fortune, but I was not sure and there were no sign either. But people were throwing little coins to it and I tryed as well, maybe one of my readers can tell me what would have been good. To get it into the hole or maybe into the vessel? I might at least believe it is good to get a sound from the vessel, because when I tryed I just got it inside of the vessel. But still I don’t know what for it might be good.


Even at the Kinkaku-Ji you can find a place to celebrate your religion.


Some time later I was looking forward to see a friend of mine again, which has been in Switzerland as exchange student some years ago. And since then I haven’t seen him again. I was so glad that he is doing well.


Right now he works at an animation with a team to get their certificate later. He wants to become Sound director and I am sure I might have seen some of the future animation professionals.


It was so interesting to see what they were working on and somehow I remembered the Shirobako series.


All around you could see hard working but talented people, working toward their dream.


A dear friend of my friend even gave my a portrait of myself and some hand drawn artwork. He is so talented!


And they both were also so nice to go to karaoke with me, I didn’t insist much on it, but I guess it was enough that I asked them if it might be possible. Not to mention how difficult it was, if you don’t know all the songs in Japanese.


And some time before I got to have a great time with some more friends of him, while eating chinese dinner.

DSC_8115 (1)

In short: I was so glad to met my friend again and I believe that he is an upcoming sound director. The future lies in your hands. Thank you a lot for spending the evening with me!

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  1. Thursday February 4th, 2016 at 01:12 PM

    Schöner Bericht, weißt du zufällig was auf diesen “Torii” (dem Kontexte hatte ich entnommen das es diese torbögen sind?) steht? Das würde mich interessieren. Auch wie die Preise dieser Süßigkeiten waren hätte hier noch erwähnt werden können 😀

    Ansonsten ein angenehmer Bericht, vor allem der Schluss beim Karaoke klingt besinnlich und das Portrait ist klasse geworden, wie lange hat der Freund des Freundes denn daran gezeichnet? Schöne Fotografien auch allgemein!

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