Fuji-san don’t hide yourself!

Another place I wanted to visit or at least see was the well known Mount Fuji or if we would adress him in Japanese as Fuji-san.

While I was on my way with the shinkansen I hoped I would see him, but thanks to many clouds which protected him I didn’t get a glimpse. So I had to be patient and waited until I would get closer, some hours later near the mountain on my way to the Mount Fuji Station I was finally able to see it with this mountain with my own eyes for the very first time. I’m glad I was so excited to see this view otherwise it might have happened that would miss it. Only a few minutes later there would be a wall of clouds again.


Some time later I got to the inn where I should stay for the next night, actually it was the only night during my Japan trip where I didn’t stay at a cheap place at someone’s home. I got lucky with this one and I really wanted to stay at a classical japanese room.


What you can see here is one of the bathing rooms with water full of minerals. It was totally relaxing and somehow I wish I could have such a perfect tempered bathtub water at home as well.


After a bath there needs to be a good meal as well, right? At least I think so. And I wasn’t disappointed for sure!
Look at all these delicious japanese dishes! Did I mention already that I might fall for the most japanese food? No? For sure I really love most of it.


And because there couldn’t be enough food to share with you at least by picture I will show you my breakfast from the following morning, too. Please believe me you couldn’t possibly stop to eat.


After my breakfast next morning I would get a better chance to see Mount Fuji and I was more then just glad. I almost thought I wouldn’t see it. I know some might say I could have been closer or I could have stayed at a fancier place but probably I would choose these inn again, because they were so friendly and not to forget that the price wasn’t too expensive. Maybe I don’t know better, but that’s okay.

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At least I want to show you the outside of the Fujitomita inn. Just by its outside you wouldn’t be able to experience this nice place. This place showed me for sure that there is so much more to see and learn then just by its first impression.

Find here the exact location on the map -> =)

But I’m sure it wasn’t the last time I would get near this sacred mountain. Who knows maybe I will be climbing to the top during my next visit, you might never know.

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