Warm Welcome in Tokyo

There are still some posts left about my journey. Let’s not forget about Tokyo which would be my last stop in Japan.

Though even this metropole should exceed my expectations, I was happy to meet some good friends again as well. On the photo below I’ll show you Largo, I was so glad that he found some time to meet up.

2015-10-15 15.11.43

But not only that, he also showed me around and thanks to him I was able to make my first memories of Tokyo.


We went to the Ueno Park near my accommodation and visited some temples and shrines in this area. I guess it was a little hard to show me around on that day, because I might have been exhausted from my travel to Tokyo.


Not to mention that I had seen so many temples in the past two weeks, I was way happier to meet each other than to visit the temples.


Though this area still held so many nice and also silent places. I passed on going onto the lake, but I somehow wish I could do that on my next visit.


We even discovered the small Inari Shrine in Tokyo. This one was tinier than the one in Kyoto, but it was nice to find some of the treasures of Tokyo.


We also went to the Ueno Toshogu Shrine, which is mostly dedicated to Ieyasu Tokugawa who is known as the founder of the Tokugawa era in which Japan was sealed off for about 200 hundred years.

Do you want to take a closer look as well? My friend showed me very an interesting thing with the name Photo Sphere which I didn’t know before. Thanks to it anyone can take a closer look on sightseeing places and even more with 360 degree view. There are even some for the Toshogu Shrine available.


On the next picture you can see the statue of Prince Komatsu Akihito, who is considered as brilliant military tactician, he helped subduing many of the samurai rebellions in the early years of the Meiji period and in his latter years he also became a patron of the Japanese Red Cross Society.


Our next stop was the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, also know for its free observation desks which offer a great panoramic view on Tokyo.


I kinda feel at ease when I’m able to see such views, I guess I haven’t been on such a height before.


Quite the contrary happened, I almost couldn’t get enough of the sight. So I was able to get a hint on what Tokyo really looked like. A true world metropole and an seeming endless sea of buildings.


Though with its own charm and its own treasures.


Another stop was the Takeshita Street, very popular and known for fashion trend-setter and the area of expertise for every fashion interested person.


With a diversity of shops from clothes to sweets as well.


While talking about sweets there was one thing I really wanted to try in Tokyo, and of course because I couldn’t get enough in Hiroshima. So we went to Harajuku and got ourselves some great crepes. Very special was, at least for me, that the whole place had the theme of a popular anime known as Love Live School Idol Project. I didn’t expected such a thing in Harajuku; maybe in Akihabara, but not in Harajuku.


I would also see some places which will bring a smile on my face, like this store of a well known chocolate brand from Switzerland. It isn’t surprising that our country is still known for its outstanding chocolate.


I was guided to the Shibuya Crossing as well and was able to make another experience of my own in the modern Japan. Quite chaotic but still somehow organized. I was really glad to see the advertising of one of my favorite bands °C-ute, a Japanese Pop Group.


I’m sure you have already heard about the story of Hachiko the loyal dog. You haven’t? Time to change that.
Hachiko was an Akita dog which is remembered for its remarkable loyalty, even after the death of its master he still waited every day for their reunion. For me it is a heartwarming story but is also very sad. In Japan Hachiko became a symbol for Japanese loyalty and ideas.


Would we be talking about inventions, I’d like to say I really like this one. This restaurant had a ticket machine outside. It made the purchase of everything you might like beforehand possible and rationalizes the whole process. Which means you didn’t have to waste any time on waiting for the waiter to place your order nor for paying afterwards. You gave them your ticket(s), got a seat and after finishing the dinner you could just go. After walking around half a day we really needed something for dinner. I guess we were both glad when we were finally able to get something.


Our next encounter should be Godzilla itself. Who hasn’t seen one of the movies of the Japanese monster Godzilla? Just in 2014 was the sixty year celebration of his first starring in movies. So a replica of his head has been eternalized on the Shinjuku Toho Building. There is also some historical background to it, if you’re interested.


But to be honest we went there to watch a movie in the Toho Cinema. I planned to watch this in Japan even before arriving. I knew that this one would be aired in the cinemas during my this year’s Japan Trip and you could say that I might have been excited about it. I knew the story beforehand but the movie was something different to watch. And because going to a cinema alone is kinda sad, so I asked my friend if he would watch it together with me. I got very lucky and he agreed to it.


Another reunion in Tokyo made me very happy as well. Do you remember Fumiko-san and Shigeo-san? I met them when I visited Miyajima. We arranged a meeting on another evening to eat together and to exchange what we have experienced since then.

2015-10-16 19.20.41

I am really glad that I can count this nice couple to my friends in Japan now. I will stay in contact with them for sure. They even took me to a very precious place of them and I was also able to meet their nice daughter and her freshly married husband. Both of them were also very kind to me.

2015-10-16 20.53.46

And did I mention our dinner? We had delicious Tonkatsu, I definitely count this one to my favorite dishes of Japanese cuisine. I think it tastes even better with nice people around to eat with.

2015-10-16 22.13.49

I didn’t expect them to bring me any presents, but when they did I was happy for sure. Back in Switzerland I would share these with some good friends of mine. They even got me Konpeito as if they had known that I love them.


But the best present was the calligraphy I got from Shigeo-san, he’s is practising calligraphy and wrote my name in different possible ways with the syllables mi-ri-a-m(u). From the top to the bottom you can see Kanji then Hiragana and last but not least my name written in Katakana. They explained also to me the meaning of the Kanji and what my name would mean in Japanese:  Beautiful-Country-Relieve-Happiness


May I show you my host from Tokyo as well? Kazuki-san was really nice and kind to me during my stay, he even showed me around later. I’m really happy I chose to stay at his place, so I had been able to make another good friend in Japan.


His room is a small one but everything was very neat and the location outstanding. His kindness and way of lifestyle should leave a big impression on me. A great place to come back for sure.


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  1. Saturday January 30th, 2016 at 10:13 AM

    Ein ganz netter Bericht auch wenn mich die schreibweise “gar befremdlich meine Braue in die höhe schnellen lässt” um es mal so zu formulieren, vielleicht bin ich die lyrik in einem Reisebericht schlicht nicht gewohnt ^^; Auch hätte ich ein paar persönlicherer eindrücke rauslesen wollen, es liest sich alles ein wenig distanziert, oder ich bilde mir es nur ein, man muss ja auch nicht jeden Leser nun ernst nehmen. Definitiv sind die Fotos aber toll und sehr passend eingefangen, dafür großes Lob ^^

    • Saturday January 30th, 2016 at 01:37 PM

      Vielen Dank für die konstruktive Kritik, ich schätze diese sehr. 🙂
      Das Lyrische in diesem Beitrag mag wirklich ein bisschen ungewöhnlich sein, dies liesse sich aller Wahrscheinlichkeit damit erklären, dass ich mich vielleicht ein wenig einem Werk der Romantik, welches ich gerade lese, habe mitreissen lassen. Bewusst distanziert wollte ich diesen Beitrag aber wirklich nicht schreiben, höchstens vielleicht ein wenig kritisch. Vielen Dank auch für das Lob zu den Bildern.

  2. Sunday March 13th, 2016 at 06:45 PM

    Ah, erst jetzt gesehen, dass du auch einen Blog hast 😀
    Tolle Bilder! Japan ist einfach wunderschön *_*

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