Swiss Voting

Lately, I have not been able to get something off my mind: Our voting here in Switzerland. First of all, I am truly proud of our democracy, it is one of the best political systems in the whole world, at least in my opinion, and also according to the Global Democracy Ranking’s latest result. Nonetheless, I think the voter turnout could and should be higher.

The Swiss Federal Office of Statistics published the average voting turnout in 2015, which was 48.5% of all Swiss citizens. Does that mean, that more than half of the people do not care about political decisions? Do they not care about what’s going on in Switzerland and how it might affect our future? Wasn’t there a time when people fought for these democratic civil rights?

Especially nowadays, when we experience dangerous trends and an uprising of populism worldwide, we should be aware of what is happening. Otherwise we might have to face a not so happy-go-lucky future.

On the other hand, voting is remarkably easy in Switzerland. That’s why I don’t understand our voting turnout. You don’t even have to go directly to the election office, you can vote by letter. Before the election, you receive a booklet in the mail with the most important information included and comprehensibly explained. Still, there are so many people who don’t even read this booklet.

I don’t understand it, I really don’t.

Apart from this booklet, there are also other sources that make understanding the voting process easier. There are websites like Vimentis and Easyvote further explaining the voting topics and also producing short Youtube videos with good content.

Do not forget there is also the Swiss Federal Assembly’s Youtube channel, which also explains these topics.

Do we lack something?


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