Our Story

Inspired by a dear friend of mine who has his own personal blog, I decided to try it out for myself. I hoped to create something my friends and I would have fun with. I searched for interesting topics and wrote some reviews about series I watched and events I visited. But somehow I wasn’t quite satisfied with it, so I changed the topics of the blog, which were often Japan-related so that I could use it as a platform where I could write about my study life and the other country close to my heart: Switzerland. It is my homeland; a small and beautiful country in the middle of Europe. But still, there are so many things and places to explore.

And now I hope to share my love of travel with you as well.


Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Miriam.

Not long ago, I began studying tourism in Switzerland, which has moved me to write about my studies and my country in one blog.

In fact, it is a good opportunity to explore and reflect on both. I decided to write in English, although it isn’t my mother tongue, because I want this to be a place which connects Switzerland across borders to the world, while simultaneously improving my language skills more and more.


All of this is only possible with the help and support of my friends, colleagues and each one of you. Thank you very much for being part of this project.


My name is Marius and I hail from southwestern Germany.

I am living in Switzerland since 2012 and took the once foreign country into my heart.

Whenever I find time I travel across the country, across lakes and uphill mountains. Travels and reporting about them is something I enjoy, which is why I run my own travel weblog. With this project we want to introduce you to both renowned and kept hidden corners of Switzerland.